Retractable Pool Cover

An creative and innovating idea of covering the pools at home for safety purposes, debris protection, reduced maintenance and heating cost savings have been implemented in the concept of designing retractable or automated pool cover.

Convenience and comfortable is of utmost priority when it comes to a home. Every consumer will think about buying things for comfort and makes things convenient. Having a pool at home, the idea springs to mind to cover the same when not in use.

Why to cover the pool?

Retractable Pool Cover

Multiple reasons to cover the pool

Safety from children or animals falling into the pool

Debris collection in the pool is minimized which helps in easy maintenance

Some pool covers are manufactured from materials that heat up the water from sunlight

Reduces cleaning the pool very often

If not in use for a long time or during winter , a cover would be better to keep it closed to avoid accidents

The sole purpose of installing a pool cover would be to cover all the above points. So, we will talk about the pool covers and different types of design available and at a reasonable price that suits your need.

All pools are not compatible with the Retractable Pool Cover designs due to its unique and elevated construction designs. So, you’ll need to check with the local vendor for pool covers available to your pool or not.

A keen observation before you go search for pool covers are;

Pool is rectangular

No difference in elevation

Dimensions of the pool

Type of cover you are willing to install, a wired or fence cover, covers made from plastic based materials etc.,

We need to discuss about the Pros and Cons of a Retractable Pool Cover to make a decision.


Keeps out sunlight and debris

Safety of children, animals or even unwanted guest swimmers to use the pool when you are not at home.

Automatic heating of water from sunlight saves electricity.

Easy to use since the entire mechanism work with just the push of a button

Having a good pool cover ensures that, you need not clean the pool and save money on maintenance

Even if in case a child falls, the child will not drown.


The plastic material used for the cover will not last longer and is quite expensive to replace

Due to excessive sunlight, pool may get over heated at times.

Cover keeps debris out but chlorinated water would still remain which is recommended for a long period

Changing machine parts for the motor may be quite expensive

Weight the cover can bear is quite limited and if there is excessive slow fall, the cover might tear and cave in

In case the hinges to hold the cover is visible on the corners and sides of the pool, it’s dangerous and looks bad too.

Overall cost of installation is expensive

What type of covers do you offer?

Based on seasons, you could change the covers for its durability and longetivity. There are 4 types:

Mesh safety or winter cover

Tightly woven mesh cover with straps that provides a rigid surface across the pool area.

Pool safety nets

Light weight safety covers, easy to use and remove and can be installed on all types of pools.

Leaf or debris cover

This net can be installed with or without the safety net.

Platform pool cover

A rigid surface installed as a pool cover can be used as a dance floor or gathering area.


Convenience and comfort costs a lot these days. Although expensive, pool covers are needed at places where there are kids around. Safety should be our top priority in those cases. While, retractable pool covers save money in some areas, it is better to save some money every year for the maintenance and replace worn out parts of the motor and the automated system. Changing the pool cover for every season is recommended so you’ll need to keep covers for all season as back up. From safety and convenience point of view, I’d recommend installing this pool cover however, it’s quite expensive to maintain.